We take security

very seriously

Bank-level security, we protect all the data that you share with us.

SSL Encryption

dipp is secured with 256-bit encryption to ensure your information is protected


dipp does not share or sell personal information to any third parties.

Data Safety

dipp does not store any credit card information. All information is tokenized.

Security & Privacy Questions


Is dipp safe and secure?

Dipp as a platform is designed with controls and measures to keep your data safe and secure. Powered by RBC Ventures, dipp leverages bank-level encryption technology.

As an added safeguard, we validate your email during account activation. This will keep your account information secure in case your device gets stolen.


Is dipp PCI compliant? How does that affect me?

PCI applies to any business that accepts or stores any credit card data. Simply put, PCI DSS requirements apply when you pay a business directly using a credit card but dipp does not ask you to pay for any service directly on the platform and therefore we don’t require PCI-DSS compliance that other businesses would.

Third party services which enable you to link your credit card are all PCI-DSS compliant.


What information does dipp collect about me? How does dipp use it?

When you create an account on dipp, you are asked to provide us with information such as your name and email address. This information may be used for security purposes to identify the owner of your account.

Once you have linked one of your credit cards to dipp, we collect your transaction data at participating merchant locations to provide you with cashback. This also helps us learn what you like so that we can provide you with more relevant offers.

If your device permissions are set to allow for the use of location-based services, we will organize, sort and present the Offers to you based on your location, and we will provide an estimated distance to the Participating Merchants from your current location.

For full details on how dipp may collect, use and disclose your personal information, please see our Terms and Conditions.


How secure is the dipp app in case my smartphone is lost or someone tries to use the app and abuse the credit cards stored in there?

Credit card information is not stored by dipp or on our servers. When your credit card information is displayed, the app only reveals the last 4 digits. Anyone who picks up your phone cannot see your credit card information in the dipp app.  Also, it is not possible to make purchases through the dipp app.

As an added safeguard, we validate your email during account activation. This will keep your account information secure in case your device gets stolen.


How are you able to see my transaction data?

By linking your credit card, we will be able to retrieve transaction data about the eligible purchases you make at our participating merchant locations on that card.  We only see information about the transactions that are eligible for an offer.


Is my credit card secure?

We use the latest bank-level, encryption technology to keep your data safe and secure. For security purposes, we may contact you directly to validate the information given.


Do the participating merchant locations get access to my data?

We will provide a limited amount of user-specific data to merchants to verify certain transactions and facilitate the program.  We may also provide aggregate, anonymized data to merchants; but, we will never share specific information about who you are or any other personal information.


Do you use or sell the data that you track?

No, we do not sell any of our data. We only use the data we track, and share aggregate, anonymized data with participating merchants, to improve your experience.