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How dipp works

Card-linked Offers

No points card needed. Card-linked offers let customers earn cashback when they use their qualifying credit card at participating businesses.

More Impact. Less Effort.


Increase in customer spend 6 weeks


Lift in transactions per customer


Increase in customer 6-week retention

How dipp can help your business

Acquire New Customers

Gain access to consumers located right in your neighbourhood.

Control Your Marketing

Gain control over how you communicate with your existing and new customers.

Customizeable Offers

Gain control over how you engage with new and existing customers with customizeable offers that work for your business

How it works

Tell us about your business
Integrate with your existing POS. No Tablets, devices, or training required.
Create customized offers for New and Existing customers to drive more revenue.
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"Dipp and their team have been great to work with. The app has generated new business and increased spend from existing customers. The cash back functionality is quite unique compared to others and is very seamless for both the vendor and the user."
Tahir, Mos Mos Coffee
"The Dipp platform was a welcome surprise allowing customers to seamlessly complete the transaction using their everyday credit card while building a loyal customer base. Greatly appreciated the flexibility of changing promotions as needed. And especially liked the quick onboarding process since it doesn't really require any!"
Mihir, Harbour Eats
"We decided to give DIPP a try for its ease of use. There are no extra steps for the server to do, in fact, most of the time they are not aware a discount is being applied to the bill. The guest does not have to announce to his party that he has a coupon to apply to the bill, one just pays the bill with a credit card that has been registered with DIPP and like magic their discount appears on their account. I would strongly suggest DIPP as a way to maximize your marketing dollars with its easy to use program.
Matt, The Fox on Bay
"I definitely recommend the Dipp app for your restaurant, retail, spa or any type of business. It’s really easy to use  and you receive  instant cash back. Also they have lot of new functions that are being introduced. The two founders Arjun & Jose have been very supportive of our business. They have provided multiple solutions custom tailored to our restaurant needs. Definitely recommend to it every one."
San, The Office Pub

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