Our business is to increase your business.

No points card needed—dipp rewards your customers with cashback using card-linked offers.
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Acquire New Customers

Gain access to a larger network of customers with promotions that get them in the door.

Reward Loyal Customer

Keep your customers coming back with promotions that acknowledge their loyalty.

Drive revenue all day

Encourage customers to return to your shop during low-traffic hours with time-based promotions
North Poke
Salon Dolce
Vogue Dry Cleaning
Eva's Original Chimneys
The Office Pub - John Street
The Office Pub - King Street
A&W Canada
Souk Tabule
Thai Room
Urban Fare Catering
Good Karma - Queen & Broadview
7 West Cafe
Zero Zero Pizza
Hero Certified Burgers
Souk Tabule

Cultivate customer connections.

Personalize your business profile and make transactions feel more like connections.

Turn your promotions into purchases.

Get feedback on offers that work and pay only when customers make a transaction.  

Extra your business without extra devices.

There is no technology, trinkets or training required for you, your staff or your customers.

No Monthly Fees

No Devices

No Training

More business!
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