Canadian Businesses Helping in Fight Against COVID-19

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May 22, 2020

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Unprecedented times calls for action. Many businesses are taking matters into their own hands and are changing their offerings to support the Toronto community. It’s wonderful to see how local businesses have stepped up during these uncertain times.

Here are 8 Canadian businesses who have changed their offerings to better serve the community during the coronavirus crisis

1. Dipp - Cashback on your everyday purchases in Toronto

At Dipp, our mission is to support Toronto communities. You’ve inspired us to do something to make discovering and supporting your favourite local restaurants and cafes easier in Toronto. Our goal is to connect communities with local businesses on OpenTO.

We want to help communities in Toronto to have easier access to food delivery and takeout options; however, we need your help! OpenTO is an online business directory that provides up-to-date information on businesses that are open and serving their community. For now, you can view restaurants filtered by neighbourhood, view hours of operation, and delivery/takeout methods. We plan to add additional categories as we move forward. 

No one knows their neighbourhood better than you, so we’re asking that you give us a heads up if you know of a business that is open in your area. Please submit any new business details here and together, and we can continue to help out our favourite cafés, restaurants, and bars.

Download the free dipp app for iOS

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Learn more about earning cashback with dipp.

2. Wellspent - The Money Management App

Wellspent is a free money management app for both Android and iOS. Wellspent is on a mission to help Canadians make better decisions with their time and money. By linking your bank accounts or credit cards, Wellspent can help you save money, and help track your spending. During this time, Wellspent is taking to their Instagram to celebrate local small-businesses that their community has identified as #moneywellspent. 
Download the free Wellspent app for iOS

Download the free Wellspent app for Android

3. Isolish - 4 Course Meals During Isolation

Featuring a revolving selection of four-course Prix Fixe meals from some of Toronto’s most beloved restaurants, Isolish is a new restaurant program that delivers delicious meals right to customers' doors. With a portion of the proceeds going to Daily Bread Food Bank, people in Toronto can support the restaurants they love and the people in the community who are most in need. Popular restaurants participating include Miku, Barque, Lake Inez, Marben, Aburi Hana, The Drake and more. Tickets can be purchased at up to 48-hours in advance of each restaurant’s delivery date.

Learn more about Isolish, view their menus, and order here

4. GarbageDay - Weekly Reminders for Garbage & Recycling

GarbageDay is a very handy app that reminds you when it’s time to take out the garbage, recycling, and other waste. They also provide users with information about public parking on streets, home maintenance and tips on how to be more environmentally friendly. During this time, GarbageDay is working with charities in cities across Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia to bring awareness of local needs and provide able residents with opportunities to help their neighbours.

Sign up for garbage and recycling reminders with GarbageDay

5. Rocketman - The Local Transit App

Rocketman is a local transit app that provides users with detailed information to help them reach their destinations on time. View arrival times, track your vehicle, save stops, get alerts, all in real-time from the Rocketman app. During this time, Rocketman has joined Daily Bread’s hunger relief efforts, which provides the nearest food donation bin on the “Stops Map” tab in the app. Look out for the Daily Bread logo to locate the donation bins.

Learn more about Rocketman’s efforts and to make a financial donation to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Download the free Rocketman app for iOS

Download the free Rocketman app for Android

6. Meals TO Heal - Food Delivery for Frontline Workers

Meals TO Heal is an initiative that was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic. They aim to raise money from the community, using 100% of the donations to procure meals from local restaurants in need of business, and deliver these meals to the healthcare heroes on the frontline.

Their goal is to help keep local restaurants in business while providing both a meal and a smile to those on the frontline. It started off with a simple idea but continues to grow in impact. Meals TO Heal continues to seek out new ways to help the Toronto community in this time of need. For details on their latest impact, please visit

Check our their website to learn more and to donate

7. Prepped - Career Resource for Grads & New Job Seekers

Through the use of career-search science, Prepped is a free service that provides the training and tools you need to be successful throughout your job search. Built by HR pros, Prepped can help improve your resume and interview skills, define your career path, and so much more. During this time, Prepped recognizes that many people have concerns regarding the job market, virtual interviews, networking virtually, and working remotely. Their expert blog tackles these concerns and provides great reassurance and relevant information to keep you on track with your job search during this time.

Sign up for career resources with Prepped 

8. Ownr - Business Registration & Incorporation

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the small business community. Ownr continues to hear stories of businesses that do not meet the requirements for Canada's relief programs, and many aspiring entrepreneurs are hesitant to start a new business. That's why Ownr has launched Ownr Grants - a $25,000 fund sponsored by RBC Ventures, to support new businesses getting started or existing businesses that have pivoted to support Canadians during this time of change. 

If you know someone with a business idea or an existing small business, encourage them to learn more about the Ownr Grants fund to support local Canadian small business owners.

Sticking together at a distance during COVID-19

When working together, this city achieves greatness, and it is so wonderful to experience such a strong sense of community. We must support each other during this time, and a great way to do so is to recognize local and small businesses that are adapting to their new environment. At dipp, we draw inspiration from the city of Toronto and now so more than ever. We’d love to hear from you about how you’re supporting your local community! Please send us a message via Instagram or Facebook or tag us in a post, and we’ll happily share it with our network.

Learn more about how you can support frontline workers in Toronto and flatten the curve.

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